Founder and CEO Camry Brown courageously pioneered Classy Luxurious®. In addition to her unyielding courage, the profound impact women have on society motivated her to innovate for women and women entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds and industries. After graduating college, rather than pursuing a law career, Camry audaciously pivot to purpose in entrepreneurship. 

Over a decade of advancing Fortune 500 retail companies, she identified her purpose in collaboration with women and the value of community. Her confidence, entrepreneurial spirit, and unmatched professionalism are sought-after and have been demonstrated in various rolesincluding Retail Management, Stylist, and Fashion and Entertainment Writer for clients, including The Oprah Winfrey Network.


Camry's empowering leadership as an Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Speaker is a remarkable testament as she continues to champion women and the next generation of leaders. Predominately, her greatest passion is to serve others aligning her values and company. 


As a visionary, she prioritizes affirmations as her life's inspiration and entrepreneurial journey. And with immense gratitude to extend hope by designing a collection that elates women to thrive in life in style for their purpose and business success. 

Camry's resilience during humble beginnings selling t-shirts, commuting to vendor events to market Classy Luxurious often with no team but the tenacity to build and dominate. Evolving as a businesswoman, she is determined to impact others with her drive for excellence. 

Camry is transcending barriers elevating phenomenal women as she strives for global impact. 


We lead with integrity by fostering a movement prioritizing service, unity, and resilience as our company's core values. 


We are a company of service first; serving the women who equip our communities is the evolution of humanity. 



We commit to a greater purpose to unite remarkable women by an inclusive standard of global impact.


We celebrate the resiliency of women to persevere as the core of their businesses, families, and communities.

Our promise is exceptional customer service, high-quality and elevated products, ensuring an unmatched luxurious experience.